Experienced Santa Fe Divorce Lawyer

The basic attitude divorce mediation is a focus on solving problems, not fighting the fight. Family law mediation is a process which gives a divorcing or separating couple the opportunity to make their own arrangements for their financial and personal future, while protecting themselves and their children from distress and the needless expense of litigation. The strength of a mediated agreement is that it is built by both parties together in an open process that requires all participants to recognize and make accommodation for the needs of the other participants, often without having to compromise one’s own.

While no two situations are alike, the emphasis in a mediated approach is to achieve a satisfactory settlement in an efficient, cooperative manner. This often include "four-way" settlement conferences where the parties meet with a trained attorney mediator along with their mediation lawyers to work on a settlement. The philosophy of Mediation is that as much effort should be exerted toward settlement as is traditionally spent in preparation for and conducting a trial.