We would like to share our experience with Ms. Bass. Our grandchildren were removed from their mother by children youth and families. We were devastated. We called quite a few lawyers, and all of them wanted $3500.00 for us to just walk in there. We had been told to contact Ms. Bass as she was a great attorney. I was afraid because someone with that reputation could only be more expensive and that much more booked. I said okay God I am trusting you for a miracle and called Ms. Bass’s office and there we found our angel. The office manager said Ms. Bass was really booked but he would speak with her we only had 24 hours to be in court. Within two hours he called back and said come now. I explained to Ms. Bass we had just lost our son and didn’t have a lot of money. Our prayers were answered. She was our angel we took her what we had. We were in court the next day and she won our case. You must understand she went up against CYFD and several other attorneys. She was never intimidated or backed down. I would see all these people coming to the court Ms. Bass would simply tap my hand and say don’t worry that’s my job. And time after time she won, never scared or backing down.

At times I wanted to give up because the system made this very difficult. She would say do I look scared? My response no was no, okay then we will be fine and fine we were. God gave us a angel in Ms. Bass and we are truly grateful for her compassion and her ability and her knowledge of the law was astounding. Thank you Ms. Bass. For never giving up even when we wanted to we have all our grandchildren who are happy healthy and well adjusted. Had it not been for that lucky call and fast action on Ms. Bass’s part the state would have our grandchildren we are blessed to have been chosen by Ms.Bass.

Georgia R.

My name is Sarah Romero-Montoya and I would like to take a moment to thank Caroline Bass. Caroline met my parents, and entire family eventually, during an incredibly chaotic time in our lives. We had lost the youngest member of our family and my brother and I became lost in our grief. We both have children and the children’s other grandparents seized the opportunity to attempt to gain full custody of our children. As you can imagine neither me nor my brother were in any position to fight for the rights of our children however my parents were told about Caroline Bass. Caroline helped our parents win the custody battles, and gave our children a voice. During the ordeal I never thought I would be grateful for Caroline (she made sure I toed the line), but she made us take responsibility for ourselves, actions and offspring. I can honestly say the woman I have become today is directly related to the care, compassion and guidance that Miss Caroline gave my family at that very crucial time. Thank you Caroline, for understanding and upholding the law and also for seeing some gray in the black and white. Your understanding and strength has helped us tremendously

Sarah R-M.

For many years I represented the State while Ms. Bass represented the children in abuse and neglect proceedings. Later she was my personal attorney in my divorce proceeding. Her intelligence and integrity were obvious, her advocacy strong but never obnoxious. Her sense of humor and focus on successful resolution of cases make her a great lawyer to work with, or even against. I have recommended her services in the past and will continue to do so.

Roy E. Stephenson

On contacting Caroline Bass I found her to be very direct as well as empathetic. She went straight in to address the problem that I was having. I had rung her up at very short notice and yet, within our conversation, she took over immediately. Caroline Bass was calm and assertive. With common sense ( that had deserted me in my panic ), she supported me, going in to battle on my behalf and halving my anxiety instantaneously. The outcome of the subsequent court case was swift and smooth and beyond my wildest dreams ! It is so good to know that she will always be there for me. I am so grateful to her.

Barbara Strand

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